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LTE Module WH-LTE-7S1


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DIP type LTE Cat 1 module


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WH-LTE-7S1 Introduction of LTE CAT 1 Module

WH-LTE-7S1 is a LTE CAT 1 communication module, which supports LTE and GSM, supports TCP/UDP
transparent transmission, SMS transmission and configuration, and also supports HTTP protocol. At the same
time, it supports AT command mode to realize full command operation, meets the needs of different
application scenarios

Features of WH-LTE-7S1

 Equipped with CAT-1 network, 10Mbps download rate, 5Mbps upload rate, meeting 80% of the data
transmission application scenarios
 Low latency in milliseconds
 Multiple modes, supports LTE CAT 1 and GPRS
 Wide coverage, high stability based on existing 4G network
 Supports TCP/UDP, HTTPD and SMS transparent transmission
 Each socket supports buffering 20 packets of serial port data, each packet is up to 4K
 Supports parameter configuration via network, serial and SMS AT command
 Supports base station geolocation and NTP function
 Support 5~16V wide voltage or 3.4~4.2V supply
 Double inline package design
 Support


  • Transmission of Sharing Payment Terminal via Internet
  • Agricultural IOT Environmental Monitoring
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