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DIP type LTE Cat 1 module


WH-LTE-7S1 Introduction of LTE CAT 1 Module

An LTE Cat1 communication module called the WH-LTE-7S1 supports both GPRS and LTE Cat1. Simple configuration can enable two-way transparent communication from the serial port to the network. Product Assistance In addition to supporting HTTP and MQTT protocol transmission, TCP/UDP transparent transmission, SMS transparent transmission, and SMS configuration, it also offers command mode to enable full command operation to satisfy the demands of various application situations. The WH-LTE-7S1 employs the package design of a double pin header, which is suitable for debugging and installation. It covers the LTE Cat1 network and the GSM network of domestic mainstream frequency band carriers. The 7S1-GN series only supports Bluetooth and the GNSS global bit system; the 7S1-CT series is within the 7S1 and has a built-in SIM card that supports LTE Cat1 and GSM.

Features of WH-LTE-7S1-E

  • 5-16V wide power supply range.
  • LTE Cat 1 & GSM.
  • Transparent transmission and AT command mode.
  • SMS, NET, Serial AT command configuration.
  • FTP Upgrade and FOTA self-upgrade.
  • Socket Distribution Protocol.


  • Transmission of Sharing Payment Terminal via Internet
  • Agricultural IOT Environmental Monitoring
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