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FMD 8051 MCU FT61F045T-RB | 10pcs


Backorder (Delivery in 2-4 Weeks)

1T 8051 MCU
Operating Voltage: 1.9V~5.5V
Flash ROM : 4K *14
SRAM : 256B
DROM : 256B
IO’s : 18
Timer : 2+4RTC
Package : TSSOP20


188.80(₹ 18.88/each)

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Pack of 10pcs

Availability: Backorder (Delivery in 2-4 Weeks)

pack 10pcs

Pack of 10pcs

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  • Reduced Instruction Set Architecture
  • 8-layer hardware stack x12bit
  • 2T or 4T instruction cycle
  • 4K x14b program memory space
  • i. Checksum automatic verification of program storage space
  • ii. Configurable, User Option
  • 256x8b data EEPROM
  • i. Data EEPROM is programmed in the application
  • ii. Configurable, Factory Option
  • High Endurance EEPROM
    program and data
  • EEPROM can withstand 1 million write operations
  • i. EEPROM retention time > 40 years
  • 256x8b SRAM
  • 1 x Timer 0 with 8-bit prescaler
  • 1 x 16-bit timer 1 with 3-bit prescaler
  • 1 x Timer 2 with 8-bit prescaler
  • i. Slow Clock Period Measurement Mode
  • Enhanced capture, compare and programmable dead time
    PWM module
  • i. The clock source is optional: system clock or internal
    32MHz clock
  • ii. One-shot mode
  • iii. Up to 3 pairs of PWM outputs with dead zone
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