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Current Sensor Module WCM7600


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AC / DC Sensing Current Module with Digital Data output



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Current Sensor Module WCM7600 Introduction

The WCM7600 consists of a current sensor, temperature sensor, a very high accuracy A/D converter and digital signal output of current.

The unique spring structure of WCM7600 can improve the tightness on both sides of the iron core, making measurement more stable and reducing the influence of structural opening and closing tolerances. Users can just use system’s own electric wire by pass it through this hole to measure passing current without breaking original system, user’s MCU can get the real data from DATA pin.

The WCM7600 provides temperature calibration of the internal current sensor and accurately measures the current of AC 50 / 60Hz and DC at temperature from -20˚C~70˚C. The WCM7600 also offers solutions for true RMS current measurement of various loads.


  • Continuous output and Modbus-RTU version.
  • Operating voltage DC5.0V.
  • 10.4 x 8 mm2 split through hole design.
  • Sensing current range :
  • AC :  0~50A (50Hz, 60Hz)
    DC : 0~±75A
  • High accuracy :
  • AC : (0~15A) ± 0.45A
    (15~50A) ± 3%
  • DC : ±(0~15A) ± 0.45A
    ±(15~75A) ± 3%
  • High resolution :
  • +

  • AC / DC : 54mA
  • UART, Baud Rate : 9600 bps, Parity bit : None, Data bit : 8,Stop bit : 1
  • Temperature calibration
  • Isolation Voltage 4KV
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    Model Maximum Current Operating Voltage Mode
    AC DC
    WCM7600-AC50C 50A 5.0V Continuous
    WCM7600-DC50C ±75A 5.0V Continuous
    WCM7600-50C 50A ±75A 5.0V Continuous
    WCM7600-50M 50A ±75A 5.0V Modbus-RTU



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