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Flow Sensor SEN-HZ43WA


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Waterflow Sensor


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48 in stock (can be backordered)

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SEN-HZ43WA model parameters: 6 pipes, DN20, with G3/4 external teeth, in-line structure, plastic material, water in the outer teeth, water out of the outer teeth, waterproof and explosion-proof, heat and cold resistance, water flow sensor, Shower room card swiping system water flow meter, water control machine metering water flow sensor, water dispenser water flow sensor, gas commercial wall-hung boiler Hall water flow switch.

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60*38*38mm, can be used as a water flow switch, and can also be used to measure flow, Accurate measurement, divided into two series, three lines: red is positive, black is negative, yellow is pulse signal, the maximum pressure is 1.75mpa, and the flow rate is 1-60L/min. If you want to add a temperature control sensor, it will be green. You can also connect two additional wires to control the temperature.
The length of the connecting wire and the type of connecting terminals can be set according to customer requirements. Mainly used for gas water heaters, electric water heaters, washing machines, water vending machines, wall-hung boilers, electromagnetic water heaters, water control (all-in-one) machines, water control machines, heat pump hot water projects, one-card management systems, smart water meters IC water meters, campus card sales Water system, self-service water vending (vending) machine, water treatment equipment, water dispensing equipment, cooling system, circulation system, intelligent mechanical equipment, heating equipment, instrumentation, pharmaceutical etc.

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