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UART to Ethernet Module USR-K5


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UART to Ethernet Modules | Serial to Ethernet Converter Modules


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UART to Ethernet Module USR-K5 Introduction of UART to Ethernet Module

UART to Ethernet Module USR-K5 is a cost-effective TTL UART to Ethernet module with tiny size that can realize the bi-directional transmission between UART and Ethernet. It is used for data transmission between TCP/UDP packets and the UART interface.

USR-K5 is integrated with TCP/IP protocol stack, users can use it easily to complete the networking function of embedded devices, save manpower, material resources, and development cycle in the development process so that the product can be put into the market faster, enhance competitiveness.

The width of Embedded Ethernet module USR-K5 is the same as the ordinary RJ45, it has been rigorously tested and has been successfully applied in Banks, highways, large corporate networks, and complex network environments such as fiber-to-Ethernet.

Features of UART to Ethernet Module USR-K5

  • Virtual COM – Solves the problem that PC software as serial port can not communicate with networked devices.
  • Support USRIOT Cloud – USR-K5 can realize the cross-network data interaction between the server and terminal device to facilitate the user acquires the data in real-time not fear the change of IP.
  • Hardware watchdog(WDT) – Ensure the device working in 24 hours, avoiding any downtimes.
  • Time to restart – Clear cache when reconnecting.

Multi Work Modes to choose

Serial to Ethernet converter modules USR-K5 support four work modes: TCP Client ,TCP Server, UDP Client and UDP Server.

  • TCP Client – It realizes the transparent transmission rapidly.
  • TCP Server – USR-K5 supports four client connection.
  • UDP Client – USR-K5 communicates with destination port of destination IP.
  • UDP Server – The data received by serial port is sent to the destination network which has been connected last time automatically.

Data Submitted Directly to Web Server

Serial to Ethernet converter modules USR-K5 support UART to Web. User can configure it by web-page configuring parameters simply,
implement the serial port to https server data request quickly

User-defined registration packet/ heartbeat packet

  • Registration packet sends to the server to identify the device.
  • Heartbeat packet sends to server to determine the active state of the device.
  • Heartbeat packet sends to serial port terminal to collect data automatically.
  • The content of registration package and heartbeat package and the heartbeat interval can change via commend.

Users parameters configuration

  • USR-K5 supports the network protocol, serial protocol, web configuration and AT commands to configure the parameter and provides a PC configuration tool, easy to use.

Application of USR-K5

  • Networked Monitoring of Medical Machinery
    • UART to Ethernet modules it can realize the data transmission between serial port and network quickly. At the same time, the module can make applications much more manageable to combine multiple medical devices into the local network.
  • Industrial Automation Network Monitoring
    • Many traditional serial port devices does not have networking capability. USR-K5 integrated TCP/IP protocol stack can provide the solution of network communication between the serial device to server via the network based on socket to improve the level of industrial automation.
  • Networked Monitoring of Medical Devices
    • The power data of the distribution box needs to be collected and reported in real time. Industrial-grade design tiny size module USR-K5 can provide reliable and stable networking functions, which is suitable for the large-scale integration requirements of power monitoring projects.
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