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Megawin ARM Cortex M0 MCU MG32F02A128AD


17 in stock (can be backordered)

ARM Cortex-M0 MCU,

Flash ROM: 128 KB


IO’s : 59/73

Timer: 7+RTC

Communication: UART x7, I2C x2, SPI/QPI/OPI, EMB, CRC, DMA





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Availability: 17 in stock (can be backordered)

17 in stock (can be backordered)

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  • CPU Core
  • ARM 32-bit Cortex-M0 CPU
  • Operation frequency up to 48MHz
  • Built-in one NVIC for 32 external interrupt inputs with 4-level priority
  • Built-in one 24-bit system tick timer
  • Built-in one single-cycle 32-bit multiplier
  • Built-in one SWD serial wire debugger with 2 watch points and 4 breakpoints
  • Flash Memory
  • Built-in embedded max. 128K bytes flash memory for application code
  • Support ICP (In-circuit program) for ISP boot code update through SWD interface
  • Support ISP (In-system program) for application code update
  • ▬ Support programmable ISP flash memory size for ISP boot code
  • Support IAP (In-application program) for application data update
  • ▬ Support programmable IAP flash memory size
  • SRAM Memory
  • Built-in embedded max. 16K bytes SRAM
  • ▬ Support private 2K bytes for DMA and 14K bytes for software to improve access performance
  • Power
  • Built-in one embedded regulator for core logic power
  • Built-in brown-out detectors
  • ▬ BOD0 detect 1.4V
  • ▬ BOD1 detect by selected level 4.2V/3.7V/2.4V/2.0V
  • ▬ BOD2 detect 1.7V
  • Built-in a power management controller with power-down and wakeup control
  • Support three power operation modes
  • ▬ ON(Normal) mode and SLEEP , STOP power down modes
  • Support wake-up from SLEEP/STOP modes via multiple sources
  • Reset
  • Built-in embedded POR (power-on reset) circuit
  • Built-in one reset source controller
  • ▬ Programmable chip cold reset and warm reset for reset source
  • ▬ Independent software reset control for internal modules
  • Provide multiple reset source
  • ▬ POR/BOD/External reset pin input/Software force reset
  • ▬ IWDT/WWDT/ADC/Analog Comparator
  • ▬ Illegal address error reset/Flash access protect error reset
  • ▬ Missing clock detect (MCD) reset
  • Clock
  • Built-in embedded ILRCO (internal low frequency RC oscillator) by 32KHz
  • Built-in embedded IHRCO (internal high frequency RC oscillator)
  • ▬ Trimmed to 11.059 or 12MHz ±1% at +25℃
  • Built-in embedded PLL clock output for system clock
  • Built-in embedded XOSC oscillator with MCD for external 32KHz and 4 ~ 25MHz
  • Support external clock input up to 36MHz
  • Built-in a clock source controller with independent clock enable control for modules
  • Support internal XOSC oscillator and internal ILRCO/IHRCO clock output
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