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Din Rail RS232 to Ethernet Converters USR-DR301


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Din Rail RS232 to Ethernet Converters


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Din Rail RS232 to Ethernet Converters USR-DR301 Introduction.

Din Rail RS232 to Ethernet Converters USR-DR301 can realize bidirectional transparent transmission between RS232 and Ethernet. Small size, easy to manage and maintain, cost-effective.

Din Rail RS232 to Ethernet Converters USR-DR301 Basic Functions

  • Virtual serial software
    • Solve the problem of PC software as a serial port can not communicate with networking device.
  • Identity Heartbeat Packet
    • When 301 works as TCP Client, it can send identity packet packet to TCP server which can be identification.
    • Identity packet can be IMEI code, ICCID code and user editable identity packet.
  • Network Heartbeat Packet
    • Serial server maintains the normal connection with the server by sending heartbeat packet regularly.
  • USRIOT Cloud
    • USR-DR301 can realize the bidirectional transparent transmission between the server and terminal device through USRIOT Cloud quickly.

Working mode

  • TCP Client
    • Serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301 will initiate TCP connection to the destination IP address that configured by the user and serial to Ethernet converter will continuously try to reconnect if establishing TCP connection unsuccessfully.
  • TCP Server
    • Serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301 monitors the set port and waits for a TCP client connection. Data from the serial device will transmit to all successfully-connected via serial to Ethernet converter.
  • UDP Client
    • USR-DR301 only communicates with the target interface of the target IP, thus to assure the accuracy of data transmission.
  • UDP Server
    • DR301 can transmit the data automatically to the last time transferred device after receiving the data, which is suitable for multi-network devices that need to communicate with the DR301.
  • Httpd Client
    • DR301 supports the function of transmitting the serial data to the specified server in the form of httpsD (GET/POST).


  • Power data networking transmission
    • Small size which is available for narrow space.
    • DIN-rail mounting, easy to install on the wall.
    • The terminal data of the distribution box can quickly convert into the network data, real-time communication, reduce the cost effectively.
  • Unattended Weighing
    • Connect serial to ethernet converter USR-DR301 to barrier gate and it can realize remote control of barrier gate by Ethernet in control center.
  • Traffic Lights Management System
    • Connect serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301, and it can realize traffic data acquisition and processing by Ethernet in the control center.
    • And the control room personnel can quickly make traffic scheduling and planning according to the site condition.
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Description Parameter Value
Hardware Work Voltage DC 5.0~36.0 V
Work Current 130mA@5V
Ethernet Port RJ45,10/100Mbps
Serial Port Baud rate 600-460.8K(bps)
Serial Port RS232*1 (Terminal Type)
Software Network Protocol TCP/IP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, IPV4
IP Type Static IP, DHCP
DNS Support
Configuration Software, Web-page, AT command
Work Mode TCP Server/TCP Client/

UDP Server/UDP Client

Modbus RTU to TCP

Similar RFC2217 Support
httpsd Client Support
TCP Server Connection  Support to connect max 8 TCP client
Network Caching Send: 6Kbyte, Receive:4Kbyte
Serial Port Caching Receive:2Kbyte
Average Transmission Delay <10ms
Software VCOM, USRIOT_Cloud, Setup software, test proforma
Packaging Mechanism 4 bytes package time

1024 bytes package length





Certificate CE, RoHs,FCC
Grade IP30, 1.5KV
Size 71.0×60.0x25.0mm
Work Temp -40~85c
Storage Temp -40~105c
Work Humidity 5%~95% RH
Storage Temp 5%~95% RH

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