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Cellular Modem USR-G771


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LTE CAT 1 Serial Cellular Modem


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Cellular Modem USR-G771-E Introduction of LTE CAT 1 cellular modem

Cellular Modem USR-G771-E is an LTE CAT 1 cellular modem, which supports LTE and GSM, covers the mainstream frequency bands of European operators. It has perfect software function, supports TCP/UDP transparent transmission, SMS transmission, HTTPD Client mode, and AT command configuration. Also, it is simple to configure, has high reliability and built-in hardware watchdog, supports FOTA upgrading.
USR-G771-E has wide-voltage power supply terminals and DC interfaces, standard RS232 and RS485 interfaces meets the needs of different application scenarios.

Features of Cellular Modem USR-G771-E

  • 9-36V wide power supply range.
  • LTE Cat 1 & GSM with sim card.
  • Transparent transmission and AT command mode.
  • SMS, NET, Serial AT command configuration.
  • FTP Upgrade and FOTA self upgrade.
  • Socket Distribution Protocol

Basic Function

USR-G771 quickly delivers the bi-directional transparent transmission of data at serial ports and networks.

  • Network Mode

    1. Support European mainstream LTE frequency bands.
    2. Provide wide coverage and high stability based on existing 4G operator networks.
    3. Provide network access through a general 4G network adapter.
    4. Support the GPRS network, and ensure the availability of communication.
  • Transparent Transmission mode

    1. The serial device is connected with the network server through G771 to deliver bi-directional transparent transmission of data.
    2. The product supports 4 socket links, and keeps these 4 links independent of each other.
  • Registration Package plus Heartbeat Package

    1. A registration package is sent to a server to identify the device, and a heartbeat packet is sent to a server to judge the active state of the device.
    2. A heartbeat packet is sent to a serial terminal to actively collect data.
  • Parameter Configuration

    1. Support the parameter configuration of serial, network and SMT AT commands, and provide the configuration tool for the PC.
  • Remote FOTA Upgrade.

    1. With the remote management platform, it can realize the automatic firmware upgrade. Have a small upgrade package of differential algorithm, and this can save upgrade traffic and time


  • Agricultural IOT Environmental Monitoring

  • Transmission of Charging Pile Data Through Internet

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Models USR-G771-E
LTE Category LTE Cat.1
Frequency Bands LTE FDD B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28
Transmission Speed LTE FDD Rel.13 10MbpsDL/5Mbps UL
GPRS 85.6KbpsDL/85.6Kbps UL
TX Power FDD:B1/3/7/8/20/28 23dBm±2dB
GSM:900MHz 33dBm±2dB
GSM:1800MHz 30dBm±2dB
Rx Sensitivity GSM:900MHz -109.5dBm
GSM:1800MHz -108dBm
FDD:B1/3/20 -98dBm
FDD:B7 -97.5dBm
FDD:B8/B28 -98.5dBm
Serial Parameters NO. RS485(Terminal)*1
Data Bits 8
Stop Bits 1,2
Baud Rate 1200~230400
Physical Interfaces SIM/USIM card 1.8V/3V(with slot)
Antenna SMA Female
Reload Button
Reset /
Hardware Characteristics Input Voltage 9V~36V
Connector DC 5.0 Jack/Terminal
Housing material Metal
Dimensions(mm) 82.6×86×25(L*W*H)
Operating temperature -30℃~+75℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~85℃
Operating humidity 5%~95%
Storage humidity 5%~95%
Software Protocol TCP/UDP/IPV4/IPV6/ /DNS/HTTP/MQTT
RNDIS Default Close
Serial to network 4 sockets, default A
Command mode 6 Sockets
Configuration Serial, Net, SMS AT commands
Cache 20 packets
Packaging mechanism Packaging time(ms) 10~500,default50
Packaging length(byte) 5~65535,defalut1024
Others Tool USR-Cat1Configuration Utility

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