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Soil Sensor JXBS-3001-EC-RS-1


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Soil Sensor


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Soil Sensor JXBS-3001-EC-RS-1

The soil sensor JXBS-3001-EC-RS-1, which measures soil temperature, moisture, and total soil salt, is an EC moisture temperature triple sensor (electrical conductivity). The soil sensor’s three-in-one design measures salinity, moisture, and temperature, greatly simplifying the customer’s system’s evaluation of soil conditions. In comparison to the German original high-precision sensor and the current soil drying and weighing method calibration, high precision, fast response, and stable output. Less affected by soil salt content; suitable for all types of soil. Long-term soil burying, resistance to long-term electrolysis, corrosion resistance, vacuum potting, and complete waterproofing.

Methods of Testing

  • Speed measurement method
    • Choose a suitable location for the measurement, stay clear of stones, watch out for hard objects to prevent the steel needle from hitting, toss topsoil at the necessary measurement depth, maintain the subsoil in place, put the sensor vertically into the soil, and make sure it doesn’t shake. To find the average value, it is advised to take several measurements in a close vicinity to the measurement spot.
  • Buried method
    • Dig a trench that is at least 20 cm in diameter, and at a specific depth, insert the sensor steel needle horizontally into the pit wall. After the hole has been firmly and steadily buried for some time, measuring and recording can continue for several days, weeks, or even months.


  • Steel needle needs to be thoroughly embedded in the ground.
  • Attempt to prevent direct sunlight from heating up the sensor.
  • In the field, exercise vigilance to avoid lightning strikes.
  • Do not beat or aggressively hit the sensor. Do not forcefully remove the sensor lines. Do not violently bend the steel needle.
  • With an IP68 rating for protection, the sensor can be submerged in water.
  • It shouldn’t be in a state of power in the air for a long period because radio frequency electromagnetic radiation is present there.


  • Detection of Acid Soil
  • Alkaline Soil Detection
  • Matrix Soil Detection
  • Seedbed Soil Testing
  • Copra Soil Testing
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Parameters Content
Power supply 12-24V DC
Output signal RS485
Temperature range -40℃-80℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.5℃
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Water measurement range 0-100%
Moisture accuracy ±3%
Water resolution  0.10%
Electrical conductivity measurement range 0-10000us/cm
Conductivity resolution  10us/cm
Storage environment -20℃-60℃
Working Pressure Range 0.9-1.1atm
Response Time <1s
Protection Level IP68




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