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Soil 7in1 Sensor 

Output signal – RS485
Temperature range – -40℃-80℃



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Availability: 2 in stock (can be backordered)

2 in stock (can be backordered)

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Product Description :

  • Soil EC water temperature PH nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium seven-in-one sensor is suitable for
    measuring soil temperature, moisture, total salt content (conductivity), soil PH, and nitrogen,
    phosphorus and potassium. Soil seven-in-one
  • sensors creatively measure conductivity, moisture, temperature, ph 、nitrogen,
    phosphorus and potassium parameters together, greatly facilitating the customer system to assess the
    soil situation. .
  • Compared with the original high precision sensor in Germany and the actual drying weighing method
    of soil, the sensor has high precision, fast response and stable output: it is less affected by the salt
    content of soil and is suitable for all kinds of soil quality. Can be buried in the soil for a long time,
    resistance to long-term electrolysis, corrosion resistance, vacuum filling, completely waterproof.

    Scope of application :

  • It is widely used in scientific experiments, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse, flowers and vegetables,
    grassland pasture, soil rapid measurement, plant culture, sewage treatment, grain storage and the
    measurement of water content and temperature of various particulate matter.
  • SKU: JXBS-3001-TR-RS-15 Categories: ,
    Power supply 12-24V DC
    Output signal RS485
    Temperature range -40℃-80℃
    Temperature accuracy ±0.5℃
    Temperature resolution 0.1℃
    Water measurement range 0-100%
    Moisture accuracy ±3% Within 0-53%; ±5% within 53-100%
    Water resolution 0.10%
    Electrical conductivity measurement range 0-10000us/cm
    Conductivity resolution 10us/cm
    PH measurement range 3-9pH
    PH measurement accuracy ±0.3pH
    PH resolution 0.01pH
    Measurement range of NPK 0-1999mg/kg
    Measurement accuracy of NPK ±2%F.s
    Resolution of NPK 1mg/kg(mg/l)
    Storage environment -20℃-60℃
    Working Pressure Range 0.9-1.1atm
    Response Time <1s
    Protection Level IP68



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