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Digital Current Sensor DWCS3300


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AC / DC Sensing Current Sensor with Digital Data output


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Digital Current Sensor DWCS3300 Introduction

Digital Current Sensor DWCS3300 is a AC/DC current sensor with calibrated digital signal output. It applies exclusive digital signal collecting technique and allows for easy implementation without breaking original system. Typical applications include load detection and management, over-current fault detection and any intelligent power management system etc…
DWCS3300 is composed of a precise, low-temperature drift, differential output linear hall sensor IC with temperature compensation circuit, temperature sensor, digital signal processor and through-hole mechanism with a diameter of 9.0mm etc. through differential output, DWCS3300 improves its sensitivity twice as much as the original.
All the sensors on DWCS3300 are temperature compensated and calibrated with accurate calibration instrument. The UART interface directly transmits digital current signals, making system integration simple and fast. Small size, low consumption and the terminals of the conductive path are electrically isolated from the sensor leads enable DWCS3300 to be suited in all kinds of harsh application occasions.


  • Small package with digital current output.
  • Continuous, AT Command, Modbus-RTU.
  • Operating voltage DC5.0V.
  • Temperature compensation.
  • Diameter 9.0mm conductor through hole.
  • Sensing current range:
    • AC: 0~50A (50Hz, 60Hz)
    • DC: 0~±75A
  • High accuracy:
    • AC: (0~24A) ± 0.24A
      (24~50A) ± 1%
    • DC: ±(0~24A) ± 0.24A
      ±(24~75A) ± 1%
  • Resolution: 100mA.
  • UART digital data output, Baud Rate : 9600 bps.
  • Isolation voltage 4KV.
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Model Maximum Current Operating Voltage Frequency Version
DWCS3300-AC50C 50A 5.0V 50Hz / 60Hz Continuous
DWCS3300-DC50C 75A 5.0V DC Continuous
DWCS3300-50C 50A 75A 5.0V 50Hz / 60Hz, DC AT Command
DWCS3300-50M 50A 75A 5.0V 50Hz / 60Hz, DC Modbus-RTU



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