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Float Level Switch SEN-PPI150


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Float Level Switch SEN-PPI150

Plastic PP material, switching signal, apply to water dispenser, humidifier, water air conditioning,
air conditioning fan etc.
Technical parameter:
• Used medium: Water or liquid that has no damage to the float,0- 60 Deg C
• Voltage/electric current: DC2000V, ≤0.5A
• Custom-made: Wire harness specification, dimension of float, warning point, switching power

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Fix Screw M 10
Switching Response Time 0.2 ms
Switching power 10W, normally open, (NO), double alarm point
Switching Life 10^8 times
Rated Voltage Less than DC24V (for high voltage use, access immediately relay)
Insulation Resistor 10^8 ohm
Installation Method Vertical entry 150 mm
Floating Diameter 24mm

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