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Air Flow Meter AFM3000


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AFM3000 Mass Flow Meter Introduction:

The AFM3000 medical flow sensor, was created especially for ventilator applications. It accurately determines the flow rate of non-aggressive gases like oxygen, air, and other. Due to a unique structure of the mass flow sensor channel, there is a very minimal dynamic pressure through the flowing body of the sensor, which makes it ideal for use in demanding applications like respiratory and medical ventilation. The AFM3000 has a digitized I2C interface and runs on a 5 Volt source of supply. Internal linearization and temperature compensation are applied to the measurement findings.


    • lowering of pressure.
    • +/- 200 slm flow range (bidirectional).
    • 1.5% m.v. accuracy (typical).
    • Very quick updating rate.
    • Temperature compensation and complete calibration.
    • minimal zero drift


Spectroscopy, environmental monitoring, fuel cell control, medical, automated processes, and laboratory

Customizations and solutions for the OEM sector:

In order to establish high-quality product production and inspection processes, our firm is dedicated to the research and development of diverse sensors. We have professional laboratories and equipment that support a variety of simulation environments and experimental circumstances. One of the chips our firm independently created and produced is the AFM3000. The flow range and individual flow channel construction can be customized depending on the application site and client needs.

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Supply voltage 4.75-5.5VDC
Measurement range -200~+200SLM
Operating temperature 0~+50℃
Accuracy ±1.5%(typical)
Repeatability ±0.5%(typical)
Test gases air , N2 , O2 , non – corrosive gases

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