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Megawin TH210A EV Board


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Megawin TH210A EV Board


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Megawin TH210A EV Board Introduction:

MG82F6D64 EV Board is a single-chip microcontroller based on a high performance 1-T architecture 80C51 CPU that executes instructions in 1~7 clock cycles (about 6~7 times the rate of a standard 8051 device), and has an 8051 compatible instruction set. Therefore at the same performance as the standard 8051, the MG82F6D64/32 can operate at a much lower speed and thereby greatly reduce the power consumption.
The MG82F6D64 has multiple operating modes to reduce the power consumption: idle mode, power down mode, slow mode, sub-clock mode, RTC mode, watch mode and monitor mode. In the Idle mode the CPU is frozen while the peripherals and the interrupt system are still operating. In the Power-Down mode the RAM and SFRs’ value are saved and all other functions are inoperative; most importantly, in the Power-down mode the device can be waked up by many interrupt or reset sources. In slow mode, the user can further reduce the power consumption by using the 8-bit system clock pre-scaler to slow down the operating speed. Or select sub-clock mode which clock source is derived from internal low speed oscillator (ILRCO) for CPU to perform an ultra-low speed operation. The RTC module supports Real-Time-Clock function in all operating modes. In watch mode, it keeps WDT running in power-down or idle mode and resumes CPU as an auto-wakeup timer when WDT overflows. Monitor mode provides the Brown-Out detection in power down mode and resumes CPU when chip VDD reaches the specific detection level.

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