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Megawin M-0 Proto Board


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M-0 Proto Board


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Megawin M-0 Proto Board Introduction

Megawin is one of the new and upcoming semiconductor company with 8 bit and 32 bit ARM Cortex M0 micro-controllers. In this tutorial we will learn how to program a simple “Hello World” project onto the Megawin Proto Board.

Step 1: Prerequisites

Since the code is developed in Eclipse environment, a basic understanding of the Eclipse IDE is a must. Following is the software that must be pre-installed for this project.

Step 2: Connections

The 2.8″ TFT Shield fits directly on top of the Proto board. Connect the Proto board to the PC with a B-Type USB cable.

Step 3: Creating Workspace.

All eclipse projects need their own workspace. For this create an empty folder of your choice in your desired location. Use this as your workspace path for launching Eclipse. Copy the extracted folder of the project to this folder.

Step 4: Import and Compile

From the Eclipse Project Explorer window, click on Import Existing Projects. Select General -> Existing projects and click Next. From Browse , select the project folder in the workspace and click Finish.

Now the project has been Imported to the workspace. You can build this project (CTRL + B) to generate hex file for programming.

Step 5: Programming

Open COM ISP application . Select MG32F02A128 from drop down box. Select the proper COM port for your device. Click on Load File and select the project hex file.

Then click on Update Target and the use Slide switch to power OFF/ON for device. Now programming will be successful.

Reset and run. Your board is ready to go!

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