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Mass Flow Meter AMS2106


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Mass Flow Meter AMS2106 Introduction:

An sophisticated digital gas mass flow meter built on semiconductor technology is the AMS2106. Additionally, it uses thermal mass flow measurement instead of temperature and pressure compensation, guaranteeing the flowmeter’s excellent sensitivity and precision. can quickly detect the extremely low initial flow and begin to calculate. Our flow sensor has an extensive range, excellent repeatability, and high levels of stability and accuracy. Actually, it allows for the measurement of a variety of gases and enables clients to calibrate some specialty gases on-site. It offers a quick response time, a versatile output mode, and the capability of over-range alert indication. The sensor is battery-operated, has a switchable external power supply mode, is portable, and uses the NPT connecting method.

The application’s range:

Air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and other dry, clean, non-corrosive gases are all monitorable by mass flow metres. Additionally, it is frequently used in industrial gas monitoring, medical oxygen monitoring, nitrogen filling in food packaging, measuring the gas flow rate in mask machines, and other applications.

Technical Specifications:

  • Adaptable use
  • calculating the cumulative flow.
  • gas mixture detection
  • quite sensitive.
  • Adaptable output strategy.
  • High stability over the whole range.
  • portable style.
  • can switch between models of external and battery power supplies.
  • Customized product development is possible based on customer needs; for further information, please contact customer support staff.

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    Supply voltage DC : 6 – 15V
    Measuring range 0~+200L/min
    Operating Temperature -10~+55℃
    Accuracy ±(2.0+0.5FS)%
    Repeatability 0.5%
    Standard calibration gas Air (20℃, 101.325kPa)
    Output RS485

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