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Brass Flow Sensor SEN-HZG1WA


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Technical Parameter:

1. Water quality requirement: Drinking water health standards,0-80°C
2. Flow range 4-45L/min
3. Withstand hydraulic pressure <1.75MPa 4. Voltage/electric current: DC4. 5-18V, 15mA, can be customized 24V 5. Insulation resistance >100MQ
6. Electrical strength AC500V, 50HZ
7 Output level: Rated voltage DC5V, high level >4. 5V, low level <0.5V
8. Pulse duty cycle 50%
9. Flow characteristic: F-5Q-3, F HZ, Q: L/min,±10%
10. Cumulative flow conversion: 1L(HO)=225pulse, accuracy: 10%

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