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Air Flow Sensor AFM0200


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Air Flow Sensor AFM0200  Introduction:

AFM0200 is a fully calibrated tiny flow sensor with superior measurement precision, good repeatability, and long-term stability. The AFM0200 measures gas flow by utilising a flow chip that was separately created and manufactured by Aosong and using the heat transfer principle.


    • Small and simple to use.
    • 0–3 L/min is the measurement range.
    • Output of analogue voltage.
    • Fantastic long-term stability.
    • Quick recovery times, potent anti-interference capabilities.
    • Supply voltage: 12–24 V DC.


The AFM0200 can be used for a variety of tasks, including the measurement and control of suction flow in devices like gas detectors and air samplers, the purging and management of cooling flow in machinery like wire bonding machines, the adsorption of minute electronic and optical components, installation confirmation, and more.

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Supply voltage 12~24V
Operating temperature range 0~50℃
Flow range 0~3L/min
Accuracy ±3%
Interfaces Voltage
Product size 33.5*10.5*17.0mm

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