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Through Hole Current Sensor WCS2300


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Adjustable Current Switch Device


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Through Hole Current Sensor WCS2300 Introduction

Through Hole Current Sensor WCS2300 is designed for Current switching and Current measuring. As a switch, it can be adjusted the on/off spot by providing a reference voltage to the V set pin. The output voltage (V out) turns to high voltage level when the internal voltage (VIP) is greater than the reference voltage (V set). In contrast, the output turns to the low level. As measuring, it provide a precise solution for both DC and AC current sensing in industrial. Furthermore, it can be adjusted the reference voltage in measuring mode for switching mode use.

The WCS2300 consists of a precise, low-temperature drift linear hall sensor IC with temperature compensation circuit and a diameter 9.0 mm through hole.Any current travelling through this hole generates a magnetic field, which the integrated Hall IC detects and converts into a proportionate output voltage. The conductive path terminals are electrically insulated from the sensor leads. As a result, the WCS2300 current sensor can be utilised in applications that require electrical isolation without the use of opto-isolators or other expensive isolation approaches.


  • Current switch, current measurement and on-site calibration.
  • Response time 10us.
  • High accuracy ±0.25A.
  • Wide sensing current range 0~60A.
  • Output “High” when VIP > V set.
  • Output “Low” when VIP < V set.
  • Diameter 9.0 mm conductor through hole.
  • Wide operating voltage range 3.0~12V.
  • Almost zero hysteresis.
  • 23K Hz Bandwidth.
  • Isolation voltage 4000V.
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Characteristic Symbol Test Conditions Min Typ Max Units
Supply Voltage Vdd 3.0 12 V
Supply Current Isupply IP =0 A 3.5 6.0 mA
Conductor Through Hole 9.0 mm²




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