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Ethernet Module USR-TCP232-ED2-H7-Y


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3-TTL UART to Ethernet modules USR-TCP232-ED2.


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23 in stock (can be backordered)

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Ethernet Module USR-TCP232-ED2-H7-Y Introduction

Ethernet Module USR-TCP232-ED2-H7 is a serial TTL to Ethernet module, used for data transparent transmission. USR-TCP232-ED2-H7 is a triple serial ethernet module, which supports 3*TTL working at the same time. It is based on Cortex-M4 solution and its basic frequency is up to 120MHz. And the internal of the module integrates TCP/IP protocol stack.

Features of Ethernet Module USR-TCP232-ED2-H7-Y

  • Cortex-M4 kernel, industrial working temperature range and TCPIP protocol stack.
  • Auto-MDI/MDIX,RJ45 port with 10/100Mbps.
  • TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Client, UDP Server and https D Client work mode.
  • Multi-ports can work independently at the same time.
  • Can distinguish which serial port connects to the device via port number.
  • Support virtual serial port and provide corresponding software USR-VCOM.
  • Serial baud rate from 600bps to 1024K bps; Check bit of None, Odd, Even, Mark and Space.
  • DNS and DHCP supported.
  • Provide PC TCP/IP socket programming example such as VB,C++,Delphi, Android and IOS.
  • Built-in webpage; also can customize webpage for users.
  • Reload button, one key to restore default settings.
  • RJ45 with Link/Data indicator light, built-in isolation transformer and 2 KV electromagnetic isolation.
  • The global unique MAC address bought from IEEE (begin with D8-B0-4C);user can define MAC address.
  • Support upgrade firmware via network.
  • Support keep alive, rapidly detect dead links.
  • Support account and password, can be used to page login and network settings.
  • Support one channel Web socket, realize bidirectional transparent transmission between webpage and serial.
  • Support Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP.
  • Support UDP broadcast function.

Application Field of M2M Modules USR-TCP232-ED2-H7

  • Industrial data transmission, industrial automation.
  • Security and protection monitoring, public security.
  • Smart home, power control, environmental monitoring, intelligent agriculture.
  • Door check on work attendance system, POS system, rice selling system.
  • Building automation system, power monitoring, self-service banking system, telecom machine room monitoring.

Work Mode of Embedded Modules USR-TCP232-ED2-H7-Y

  • TCP Client Mode
    • Module starts connection to all set TCP Server, if connection fails, module will try to reconnect till success if connection succeeds, Server will transmit data with serial device.
  • TCP Server Mode
    • Module monitors the set and waits for TCP Client to connect data sent by serial device will transmit to all successfully-linked Clients via module.
  • UDP Mode
    • Module sends data of serial device to the set network device. Module monitors port and sends the received data to serial device.
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